Commission portraits are perfect for families and children and may include beloved items or favored activities. Photographs are employed to assist in the composition, and the location may be the beach. The commissions may take several months, depending on the content.

Figures $1000 each person (any standard size)
Pets $500 each pet


A portrait impression is a spontaneous, creative painting using a live model, an individual who can sit for an hour or longer (best for subjects ten years of age or older). The goal is to capture the essence or spirit of the subject. Portrait impressions are painted “a la prima,” or “from life,” and may only take two or three hours.

Head & Shoulders 16 x 20 $375
Head, Shoulders & Hands 18 x 24 $550

For more information about Nina’s portraits, please contact her by email: or call 850.433.0979